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Still, should think that, if we have in our power the power of a modern computer, the simulation of such a procedure tail can be simulated as long as a length of time and for desired any possible situations, depending on the characteristics of system at the given stage of the system. So we understand that best queue management system we are given the opportunity to study and comparing processes which include annual data in minutes with very little cost. The spreadsheet queue management system features programs such as microsoft excel, which we will use and following the implementation, give us the opportunity to represent easily the mathematical expressions of queuing theory,, and to repeat as many times as we want without having them we count again. 

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The model a large percentage of the problems solved with the help to queue theory and the use of computational tools have to make a successful customer service. As mentioned above, for a customer is very important that, if not nil then, the minimum hold and better, but faster service when entering a queue system. We must not forget however, that a fast and efficient system is desired and by managers of the queue system, which should additionally the optimized to achieve the smallest cost to unit along with the best customer satisfaction. By queue management best practices using excel therefore we will simulate a system service in a public service, the format m/ m/ x (where x we have number of servers for each case), which as its main purpose is serve the public.

More specifically, we present theof two systems which while out on the same data, have different characteristics and thus provide different results. Different these characteristics are the number of servers and the different average times of customer arrival and service. The limitations of the model may not be many, but are key and they have to do with the service's opening hours. The service works (serving) daily from am to afternoon without a break, for working days a year. Even our excel provides a number of ready functions, which reduce the time needed to construct tail model and as to simplify the understanding by others.

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So we can we understand that the initialization of customer arrival is,:,, while maximum arrival rate, where after it will not count the results as we will see below in the explanation of the functions, will be,,:,,. Even assuming that the queue is of fifo type and no client does not leave the queue because of long waiting times. Also, system has only one queue to feed even though we have more than a server.,, finally we must understand that the snapshot that we see every time in excel represents an operating day. So to show each year we want to study see more should define the tool used to simulate the palisade risk i.e., perform,,, repetitions and to collect the results of interest to us.

Implementation in ms excel as we mentioned above, software and built in functions to help us to reconstruct the model computer and run it with any parameters we want. The program environment consists of spreadsheets with cells into which not only can write functions but we can combine results or even cells containing various mathematical expressions. The embodiment in excel based on the logic of the easy handling of the model by others analysts or generally other stakeholders who do not relating to its construction and just want to collect results without having to deal with the functions hiding in background. So, taking advantage of the software's ability to have many spreadsheets, choose to have a sheet of mathematical calculations and other card effects.